Hana and Dave are two scientists living in the village of Bamfield on the west coast of British Columbia. The purpose of this blog is to give Hana an opportunity to continue learning about this amazing place and its biology and to share experiences of living in a remote coastal community. Dave will post photos, geotagged hiking adventures, and whatever else suits his fancy.

Bamfield is a known for two things: tourism and science. It is the northern end of the famous West Coast Trail which is a 75 km hiking trail that has its other end in Port Renfrew. Originally installed as a life-saving route, the West Coast Trail was built so that shipwrecked people could either walk out, or rescue crews could get to them. There are also numerous fishing lodges in and around the Bamfield area.

Bamfield is also the home of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Established in 1972, it has since been offering summer courses for university students as well as supporting researchers from around the world. The incredible diversity of marine and coastal rainforest habitats makes Bamfield the ideal place to teach biology and conduct research.

The natural beauty and remoteness, combined with opportunities to conduct and support the science that is happening in Bamfield are what drove us to move to here.


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