Wildlife on the doorstep

It is wonderful to be so close to wildlife. Yesterday, three white tailed deer came charging up the road to our cabin and right by our window. It was amazing to see them in full gallop! Then, later at night, a raccoon found its way to our porch. It hung around for a good while and was curious of us. When we approached the window, it did too, and we stared at each other.

Photo by Sergey Yarmolyuk, wikimedia commons.

It licked the porch for a few minutes, leaving us wondering what was so tasty. Perhaps it was just having a drink, since it was raining and the porch did have a film of water on it.

Raccoons sure are cute – but it is wise not to approach or feed them. Their natural curiosity combined with their dexterity can make them real pests around homes. They break into garbage cans and sometimes into houses!



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2 responses to “Wildlife on the doorstep

  1. Strange about the licking. There used to be a squirrel that came out of the woods onto the road outside our house who would lick/gnaw on a specific patch of tarmac. He did it several times every day for months. I wonder if there was a bit of salt there or something.

    • Hana

      Yes, the licking was strange. In this case, it licked all over the porch. Hmmm. I did see a robin eating a cheeto on the porch earlier in the day, so maybe there were cheeto remnants.
      I wonder what your squirrel found.

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