First order of business: Learn Weather

We’re in the middle of a week-long certification program to become operators of small “non-pleasure” boats (like passenger-carrying tour boats and small commercial fishing boats—there were snickers in class at the thought that work is defined as non-pleasurable). Today’s class was about weather and chart reading. Hearing that you can actually look at clouds and get a good idea of upcoming weather, somehow oddly fascinated me. While knowing that this is generally true, I think that as a scientist, I never paid attention to this traditional style of knowledge because, well, it isn’t correct all of the time. What a strange revelation it was for me that this type of understanding of the weather is very helpful (especially when you are out and it is all you have to rely on).

So. I’m inspired to learn about predicting weather based on things such as current conditions, seasons and the recent past conditions. For example, apparently, following a period of southeasterly winds, there will most often be a period of northeasterlies. Wow. I’m going to go out and get my hands on any publications that I can, such as this one, and try to share what I learn here.

This morning: calm weather. The sun broke through in the afternoon.


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