A quick outing

We only had an hour of free time today, but took a little drive to the beach. The weather is warming up nicely and it has been sunny all day. We had the beach all to our selves, the air was fresh and a nice swell was coming in. I noticed something that seemed strange: the sound of the breakers seemed louder after walking away from the beach past the first line of trees. We speculated about whether that might be due to the fact that you are more aware of the sound when you’re not right on the beach, or if the sound bounces off the trees and gets amplified. Here is what the trees look like right at the transition between beach and forest:

This beach is part of a National Park. So there are basic facilities in the woods: a ranger’s hut, parking lot, pay phone and these lovely outhouses:

On our drive home, we spotted what I think is a red-tailed hawk:

Not bad for a quick hour puttering around our new neighbourhood.



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2 responses to “A quick outing

  1. Dude! I’ve heard the exact same wave sound amplification effect you describe in the exact same place. Was it windy? I had one theory that it was just wind higher aloft in the treetops. I also had another theory that it might be the very shallow slope of the beach gently ramping the soundwaves up, compressing and amplifying them higher up the beach.

    Or, like you said, it might be the trees doing something to the sound. It makes sense that a wall of trees would bounce the sound back, and with white noise like this you wouldn’t get an echo, just more decibels. Interesting. We should totally science this somehow.

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